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Winnipeg Lawnmower Recycling Program


We are the only company in Winnipeg that offers a Lawnmower recycling Program.

We want your old lawnmowers, We offer FREE PICK-UP

We will recycle your old lawnmowers running or not.

We pre-wash the machine, there for all parts are clean and ready to be recycled.

We start by draining the old gas and oil and sending it to the recycling depot.

We then carry on stripping the machine dealing with each part that comes off individually.

Call us anytime and we will make arrangements to pick up your Lawnmower at your convenience.

Thank You from Winnipeg Lawnmower Recycling


Call 204-791-3459

Don’t just put it out in the back lane where it gets picked up and shredded for a fast buck. They will be spilling gas and oil everywhere. Let us do it properly.

Like and share us on Facebook and you could win a FREE Lawnmower Tune-Up at your home by Winnipeg Mobile Lawnmower Tune-Up.

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